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What is a block?

Sometimes there can be a lot of confusing jargon associated with Content Management Systems. We have tried to keep this to a minimum but there are a still a few here and there in Caravel.

Adding a block
Adding blocks to a column
A block is your basic container, every bit of content and every application that you put on a page becomes a block. When you add a new document to a page it becomes a block that contains that document. When you add a new feature like a RSS Reader, it gets added in a block.

The block menu
The block menus allow you to
delete, edit, and style a block
This makes certain operations that you do much simpler because everything you need to do can be done from the block menu. If you want to get rid of anything on your page, you just click the trash icon and delete its block. If you want to apply styles to anything on your page you can just click on the palette icon and apply styles to its block. If there is an edit mode for your content or feature, just click on the pencil icon from the block menu to edit it.

Tip:  You can retrieve a deleted block by dragging it out of the Trash sidebar
Tip:  You can move a block to another page by dragging it to the Block Clipboard sidebar, navigating to the destination page, and dragging the block from the Block Clipboard to the desired location.
Tip:  When dragging a block from the Block Clipboard, if you hold down the Control key, a copy of the block remains in the Block Clipboard.  This is handy when you want to copy a block to multiple different pages.
Tip:  To give a block a Titlebar, from the Block Options menu, choose Block Settings and type in your block title.  You can then choose from different titlebar styles from the Block Template dropdown menu.

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