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Caravel v3.4 - 28/11/2007

New/Changed features:
- Variable Manager
    - allows you to set variables that can be used throughout a site
    - these variables can be set and then used in the editor
    - the variables can also be used in the FolderViewer display by
      metadata, to allow for dynamic inclusion of files based on their
    - added a app that lets the admin specify a variable that can be set
      from a dropdown by users
- Simple Security tools
    - a vastly simplified per page and per block security tool
    - it allows pages/blocks to have their security modified without needing
      the complication of the full security manager.
- Pre-Made block imports
    - the folder imports.d in the config directory is now used
      as a location to put premade blocks that will show up in the import
      block tool
    - and example registration file for a new block is included in cvs
- Multi Lingual files and metadata
    - added the language manager to allow site admins to set up available
      languages on their sites
    - all files of mime-type text/html can now have unique content and
      metadata for each language available on a site
    - updated various applications to use the new file content/metadata format
    - added a editor for the footer than uses the new text/html file
      structure to save content for each language
    - reworked most of the file move/copy/rename functions to take into
      account the new file format
    - added a dropdown on the top toolbar for changing the current language mode
    - added a new application for switching languages when logged out.
    - page metadata is also unique per language now
    - modified the navigator to use the new page metadata format
- Export/Import tools
    - added 2 new options to the the page menu for exporting and importing pages
    - new functions allow the exporting/importing of an entire tree of pages
- Blogging tools
    - this is a wrapper for the Folder Viewer which provides a simpler UI
      optimized for blogging
    - includes Blog Categories and Blog Archive apps
- Folder Viewer:
    - added setting to view linked files in any block or content area on any page or template
    - added 'link to editor' option in file display configuration
    - added an option to set a default file template for this folder
    - added an option for links to go directly to a download of the file
- Editor:
    - changed the way that save as works, to be more in line with how it
      works in almost all other editors (e.g. Word)
    - added ability to insert and view <cvmore> tags (which mark the end of an article into/abstract
      and the position of a 'Read more...' link in the 'brief' display in Folder Viewer)
    - enabled tinyMCE setting to make the editor vertically resizable
    - added promptForFilename editorvars setting
    - e-mail addresses are now automatically obfuscated to make it
      harder for spammers to harvest them
    - new, improved Image Browser for inserting images
- Core/API:
    - New URL schema for dynamic block and file display
    - New RSS feed format accessed using ?format=rss and generated by getRSS in apps
    - Changed handling of dynamic blocks so the source block is actually loaded and run
    - Renamed Template.php to HTTPRequest.php and Template class to Caravel_HTTP
    - Moved some code from Caravel_HTTP::parseRequest() to Caravel_HTTP::create()
      and Caravel_HTTP::login_logout()
    - Added Caravel_HTTP::displayFile()
    - Renamed Site::create() to Site::load(), changed its parameters, and added
    - Changed parameters to Section::create()
    - Added cv_getAuthLDAP() and cv_getOrg() to Caravel.php
    - Added FileTypeTable::type_is_embeddable to determine if we know how to
      display a particular file mimetype
    - Added DN::dn_to_file_path() and DN::file_path_to_dn()
    - Added FormWidget::link_target_selector()
    - Added FormWidget::multi_select()
    - Added base_folder_dn option to FormWidget::folderList()
    - Added force_create option to oFile::create()
    - Added getRealName() to PersonalProfile
    - Added Utility::link_to_public() for linking to logged-out pages
    - Added Utility::link_to_feed() and $app->link_to_feed() for generating
      RSS auto-discovery links
    - modified default form styles
    - Added Utility::is_ajax() to determine if the request was via AJAX
    - Added Utility::obfuscate_email() as an anti-spam measure to hide
      e-mail addresses

Bugs fixed:
- File Manager: fixed issues affecting folders with apostrophes in their names
- Folder Viewer: fixed issue where custom sort order got overridden
- Calendar: fixed issue where RSS feed cache was not invalidated on save
- Form Builder: fixed issue where save folder not changed on site copy
- oDirectory.php: fixed issue where recursive directory creation failed due
  to permissions check on parent dir
- Form Builder and Comments: added simple form spam check
- Fixed issue with default server timezone detection
- Fixed an issue with appended blocks (e.g. comments) getting corrupted and
  causing fatal php errors
- Fixed an issue with load_editor.js that did not allow images to be edited from
  the right click menu
- Block dragging: fixed a bug with dragging blocks out of the trash, that
  would occasionally remove all blocks in the column into which it was dragged

Caravel v3.3 - 6/6/2007

New/Changed features:
- Core:
   - Page Help sidebar - allows adding instructions on how to use/maintain a page
   - Block clipboard now allows copying blocks using Ctrl+drag
   - Re-added feature to copy from an existing page when adding a new one
- File Manager
   - New Document command
   - Switched to JUpload as the java uploader
- Editor:
   - Updated to tinyMCE
   - Improved UI
   - Option to save with htmltidy validation
   - Image manipulation tools (scale, rotate, flip, crop, convert)
- Options: added tool to change password
- Folder viewer: mini-calendar view
- Calendar: improved RSS view, file selection
- Login: added option to show username when logged in
- Block Settings: support for predefined block classes
- Navigator: improved control over width in hierarchical mode
- Personal profile: added personal messaging system
- New apps
   - Comments - allows attaching a block of comments to any block or file
   - Workflow - allows management of data collected via forms
   - Rapid Public Uploader - allows uploading files by site guests
   - added capability for block extensions (e.g. comments)
   - added Caravel.php wrapper for easily loading Caravel objects from standalone pages
   - added cvPopupDialog javascript class for loading popups via AJAX

Bugs fixed:
- Improved HTML 4.01 Transitional compliance
- Fixed a bug with the colorPicker that made the default selected color look white when it was really black.
- Dragging: column tooltips no longer take the color of page text
- Styles: fixed a couple instances of user styles leaking into the Caravel UI
- Editor: now always shows black text on a white background (before, the text color could change but not the background, leading to invisible text sometimes)
- Templates: footer text is now shown while editing a template
- Slideshow: images taller than the app's height setting are now resized
- Slideshow: now uses File Viewer code for display, so captions are included
- RSS: moved navigation box styles to external css
- UI: fixed various issues with style leakage and padding
- Subscriptions: fixed 'use my styles' template option and navigator links
- Block Clipboard: fixed bug where block number changed when refreshing following a paste
- Toolbars: added clear style so floated items are cleared before starting the next block
- Navigator: fixed so it works correctly in subscribed template blocks
- Navigator: fixed problem with rollovers and heights in hierarchical mode
- Sessions: Fixed session saving issue in php 5.2
- UI: fixed menu positions for squeezed (narrow) windows and for Opera
- UI: fixed tooltip for content area when editing template pages
- UI: fixed improper truncation of long page names in Site Navigator
- UI: fixed height adjustment issues with sidebar
- Editor: fixed problem with updating file modification times
- E-mail Feedback: fixed problem with handling of checkboxes and radio buttons
- Login: fixed problem with width calculation
- RSS promoter: fixed preview mode to include title
- UI: Updated documentation link location
- Core: fixed permissions issue when using mixed subscription pages

Caravel v3.2 - 7/17/2006
New/Changed features:
 - Editor: The UI for the Editor has been reworked and streamlined to make adding files and their metadata much simpler and quicker. Also, when new files are added to a page they are by default stored in a HTML directory name after the current page.
 - Formbuilder: Made a number of updates to the formbuilder to make entry of fields easier.
 - Formbuilder App: Totally reworked the gui for this. Added a new option that can save data entered in fields into a Caravel file, including setting metadata. Added several other options to this to make it a lot more versatile.
 - ECommerce-ECEvent: Added the ability to change the order of sub-events. Also formsets are now by default private and are not visible from other events.
 - AccountCreator: Added an account creator app that allows administrators to have users sign up for accounts.
 - Login: the login button can now be hidden in the options section on a per-site basis. Also appending /login.php to any page url will now have a login box appear for that page.
 - FolderViewer: Ability to filter by metadata added.
 - Footer: The footer has been moved into the template instead of being included in the content area. This may require some re-publishing to remove the old footer.
 - Import/Export: It is now possible to export and import all blocks and templates. This can be done from the block and template menus respectively.
 - PHPiCalender: Updated to the latest version of PHPiCalender.

Bugs fixed:
 - IE Issues: Numerous areas that had extra margin/padding in IE have been fixed.
 - CSSEditor: The important tag is no longer removed from entries.
 - Files: MP3 files now get the correct mime-type to allow streaming.
 - Made an alternate markup version of the classic navigator that does not use relative positioning. This can help if you are using absolutely posotioned menus with IE.
 - Both the imagepicker and fileopener now remember which directory they were last opened to.
 - Lots of minor errors with ECommerce processing have been fixed.

Caravel v3.1 - 5/15/2006

New/Changed features:
- Optimization: Totally changed where many files get included to drastically decrease the memory footprint of Caravel. This should significantly help speeds on busy boxes as well.
- Validation: Made progress towards making Caravel validate as HTML 4.1
Transitional. This is mostly done, just a few apps and a couple other places that still do not validate.
- Installer: LDAP setup is now handled by the web-based installer. Several checks have been added to the web-based installer to ensure proper system configuration.
- Formbuilder: Added a few options so that it could log who fills it out and not let them do it again. Also made it so that there is an option to allow immediate re-submits, and not always display only the thank you text when submitted.
- Shopping Cart: Inline CSS has been replaced with classes so it should now be possible to change its look and feel from the Page/Template CSS files.
- Site Settings: Now lets you set a per-site custom 404 Not Found error page.
- Layout: Added a Column Widths setting dialog, accesible from the row toolbar.
- Editor: Updated to tinyMCE

Bugs fixed:
- FormBuilder: Removed the label from the html option and made it able to fill the entire tr. Made it so the hidden option really is hidden.
- Images: Fixed an IE only bug that caused an extra pixel below all block images
- Editor: Fixed image insertion.
- Block Settings: default block template now shows correctly as 'default', not 'none'
- Sessions: Fixed bug where loading images from secure server resulted in a cookie
- File Downloads: avoid unnecessary loading of data
- Slideshow: made default background transparent
- template blocks no longer get a border / hand cursor on toolbars
- Events: quantity textbox now lines up with the name in IE.
- Navigator: totally reworked the CSS for the css navigator, it now looks very similar in IE and Firefox. Also there is no longer any padding used so this does not occasionally break onto the next line. Hover colors for background and text work now as well.
- ECItem: Picture insertion now works again.
- TinyMCE: Fixed incorrect toolbar buttons for very narrow columns.
- CSS Editor: Convinced browsers not to cache after changes are saved.
- File Manager: Fixed endless recursion when copying folder into itself
- Bug report form: Added some measures to prevent spam

Caravel v3.0 - 3/14/2006

New/Changed features:
 - Templates: Added 'Save As' feature
 - Pages: Added 'Redirect to' option
 - Layout: Block IDs now appear as tooltips when the cursor is over a block
 - CSS Editor: Added text alignment settings and 'none' option for border style
 - Images: Added option to turn auto-resize off
 - File Manager: Uploading is now allowed from the Image Picker
 - CSS Editor: Added selectors for individual columns/rows
 - Formbuilder: Added a new query suite that should allow forms to be
   receive/store data in a database.
 - RSSPromoter: Added an app that can advertise rss feeds
 - FolderViewer: Added an option to generate an rss feed based on this
 - Added an option to have no block template to BlockSettings
 - Added a setting in the Options app to make all html editors appear in popups
 - Editor: Upgraded to tinyMCE v2.0.4

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed a number of bugs with the Formbuilder including br, default width,
   and a template file not being in cvs
 - Session handling: Viewing images while logged out no longer starts a session
 - Subscriptions: Fixed permissions issue for template blocks
 - Fixed some issues with the Navigator. In classic mode it was not
   displaying correctly in IE. Since Navigator styles are now done
   differently it automatically pulls the old styles into the Navigator
   block and fixes them to be compatible with the new.
 - Fixed a bug with the Site Navigator where it would only show 1 level of
   library pages
 - Fixed a bug with the Site Navigator where it would not maximize/minimize
   you current section
 - Fixed a bug in the CSSEditor that would lose all style that were not
   singly defined, i.e. the same style applied to multiple selectors
 - Removed the Mennonite.net plugin from CVS since this was messing up our
   server CVS updates and should not have been in CVS in the first place
 - Fixed a number of the the buttons created in Section.php so that their
   urls are shorter and thus do not break in Internet Explorer.
 - The "Edit Template" button now correctly takes you to a secure page if
   you are currently on a secure page.
 - Fixed a number of minor File Manager bugs like tmp files not being
   hidden, renames causing an error if the new name already is in use, etc
 - Fixed a tinyMCE bug that prevented saving documents from working in IE
 - Removed the scriptaculous library to fix various tinyMCE problems in IE
 - Strip commas from uploaded file names to avoid creating invalid dn's
 - Pass the colWidth on Save and Edit in the editor
 - Fixed the editor page overflow problem
 - Removed some spurious debugging code
 - Editor called from the file manager now returns to file manager on close
 - Save documents in My Documents by default if HTML folder doesn't exist
 - Stylesheets are now moved/renamed along with the pages to which they are
 - Permissions are now set correctly when a non-superuser uploads multiple
   directories with the java uploader.
 - File Manager: Fixed some bugs with selecting multiple files.
 - Templates: don't turn inheritance into a link to a specific template on
   other page edits
 - File Viewer: Fixed expiration date check.
 - Templates: dragging no longer breaks when a template has no content area
 - Navigator: fixed 'path from top level' mode
 - Template cleanup: grouped footer into a single div, simplified login button html
 - Editor: now editing properties of an existing image works
 - Uploader: No longer has an error if the file type folder is not present
 - Editor: TinyMCE converts all & to & that arent in an anchor tag, thus breaking
   our cvinclude. Caravel code now expects this and corrects it when the
   cvinclude is processed.
 - File Manager: Overwriting files during an upload was broken and would
   result in an empty file, this has been corrected
 - Layout: Column spacing is no longer lost on a page when applied on the
 - Navigator: Active tab text color is now an option for Caravel Classic
 - Editor: fixed Cancel button for new documents
 - Templates: fixed single-block mode for template blocks
 - Editor: corrected saving of file attributes
 - Folder Viewer: no longer jumps to wrong place after editing file during creation

Caravel v3.0 Beta 1
19 Sept 2005

New/Changed features:
* Logins/Session Management
   - now you won't have to log in again if you navigate by entering a URL
or switch to another site
    - added "remember me" feature
* User Interface
    - Site Navigator
    - Block clipboard: allows drag-and-drop duplication of blocks and
copying them from one page to another
* Layout Engine
   - support for multiple rows, each with its own alignment, width and set
of columns
   - linked Templates: now it is much easier to create standard headers and
footers and custom navigation panels, and to change the look of an
entire site at once
   - new CSS-based style editor
* File Manager
    - much cleaner interface; rewritten from scratch
* Rapid Uploader
    - now a part of the file manager
* File Permissions
    - unix-style permissions are supported: read and write flags can be set
for owner, group(s), and public, for each file and directory
* Apps:
    - New Login app: adds a login form to your page
       - optionally redirect to another page
    - Navigator: many new options
    - Include Url: 'auto' height option in iframe mode
    - QuickPoll: percentage bar color option
* Improved Sessions/Relational Database Support
    - Sessions can be run on Pgsql, Mysql, Oracle or just on the file system
This reduces the need for Postgres as a dependency
   - Sessions will auto failover to files if the database is unavailable
   - Moved postgres setup from install.sh to the web installer
   - App writers needing database support can easily get it installed by
setting parameters in their app.reg file
* API:
   - Improved Form Builder widget
   - login => force setting in app.reg which displays a login form in place
of the app if user is not logged in
   - Plugins can now have data passed both by value and by reference
* Plugins:
   - SudoSupport plugin: allows any installation the ability to configure
and enable advanced mail and ftp features
   - ResetCustomDirs plugin: adds a button in the Options app that fixes
the permissions on all sites' custom directories.

Bugs fixed:
- Page Moving: moving a page with internal relative links pointing at it
broke those links. They are now updated automatically.
- Accounts: Setting an ftp user with a bad custom dir broke all ftp accounts
- Accounts: Groups now show up in 'Add Account' for sites with many groups, in IE
- SiteAdmin: Custom directories could be set to bad places
- Uploader: Creation date was not being properly set
- Layout: Non-editable apps no longer added in edit mode (which caused
no harm before but made dragging not work until a page refresh)
- Site Copying: Transfer privileges correctly
- Folder Viewer: Added copySite function

Caravel v2.5

New/Changed features:
 * HTML Editor:
    - Upgraded to tinyMCE v1.45
    - Title and Author attributes are now more accessible
 * Uploader:
    - Improved look
    - Title and Author attributes can now be set here
 * Color Picker:
    - Added non-html-safe color capabilities as well as transparency
 * Keyword Generation:
    - Added auto keywords harvesting
 * Clock:
    - Added option for custom messsage when countdown timer reaches zero.
 * Improved, all-purpose Options app (replaces Site Settings)
    - Includes personal settings, such as whether to default to Edit or
      Preview mode when you log in
 * App selector:
    - Improved look
 * API:
    - Apps now registered using app.reg files, making them much more pluggable
    - AJAX request support (beta)

Bugs fixed:
 - Cosmetic: Popping up editor for a narrow column now shows full toolbar
 - Cosmetic: Too-wide columns no longer cause a blank area in IE
 - Project Manager: Rewrote permission/group handling to work with the
    Caravel security system...other minor fixes
 - Clock: Clock will now display correctly when first loaded.
 - Clock: Clock no longer stops if multiple custom or simple clocks
    appear on the same page, or if an apostorphe is part of the customstring
 - Site Admin: Initializing a new site no longer messes up links on the default site
 - Site Admin: Corrected default setting for 'Use custom site by default'
 - Layout: Showing a page will now auto-publish it
 - Filesystem: Temporary files now get removed from the filesystem as well as LDAP
 - Site Admin: If you have a single-host setup, accessing your host name will
    redirect to the default site rather than giving an error.
 - Site Admin: Groups are now created as soon as a site is created instead
    of on initial login. This allow users to be set up before anyone has
    logged into the new site.
 - Site Admin: There was privilege problem for admins logging into their site
    for the first time. This issue has been resolved.
Caravel v2.4.1

This is a bug fix release because of the HTML Editor problem.  For all
intents and purposes this is 2.4.

Bugs Fixed:
  - Cosmetic: logout adds .cWeb to url only if cvUseCustom is "on"
  - Clock: fixed a couple things that were broken
  - HTML Editor: fixed a typo that made this not work on IE

Caravel v2.4

New/Changed features:
 * Layout:
     - App selector now displays in a popup window
 * HTML editor:
     - We now include tinyMCE as the in-browser HTML editor, instead of
      HTMLArea.  tinyMCE is less buggy and is actively developed.
 * Security app:
    - added "other group name" cvInclusionRule, which facilitates, for
      instance, having all members of site Admin groups auto-included in a global
      SiteAdmins group
 * RSS app:
    - posting privileges are now set by user group
    - now you can edit and delete posts after you create them
    - reader now supports RSS feed auto-discovery
 * Clock app:
    - a variety of customizable options
 * Org Search app:
    - zip proximity search
    - search by site name
    - link to google maps
    - option to hide address information
 * New weather app
 * Updated installer
     - caravel_config renamed to install.sh - now handles upgrades in addition to the original installation
     - phase 2 (browser) setup now looks much nicer and has reasonable defaults and explanations
 * PHP 5 support (EXPERIMENTAL -- do not use on a production server!)
    - We've confirmed that you can install and log in under php 5, but haven't
      spent much time testing yet...let us know what doesn't work

Bugs fixed:
 - Performance: Link checking on file load was writing to a file each time!
 - Folder Viewer: Previous links no longer use singleNav mode
 - Folder Viewer: Buttons now work as expected when doing a custom order
 - File types: Fixed path to 'magic' file in hddFile.php (used for determining mime types)
 - RSS: Fixed errors with renaming channels and single quotes in posts
 - RSS: External channels are no longer assigned a record in the sql db
 - Site Admin: Default organization type is now empty/unaffiliated
 - Uploader and FileOpener: pressing Cancel no longer leaves an empty block behind
 - Mass Uploader: was broken; still had an include path from the old directory structure
 - Editor: "Official URL" now appears in a text box so that it doesn't make
    the column too wide
 - File Opener: Opening a file right after adding a page no longer drops you
    back to the page you were on before adding the new one
 - Layout: Moving a page up and then refreshing no longer gives a 404
 - Various minor bugfixes

Caravel v2.3

New/Changed features:
* snapshots are now stored in the filesystem (data/snapshots) rather than in
* majorly reorganized the caravel directory tree; removed obsolete apps
* config files renamed:
    Caravel.Local.php.noview    -->    caravel.conf
    local.plugin.conf            --> plugin.conf
* conf/NOLOGIN file can (and should) be used to block logins during an upgrade
* XML_HTMLSax is no longer included (since it can be installed via pear)
* Caravel now recognizes three new file types: Flash, MP3, and Quicktime
* Totally changed the UI for publishing pages. This has been one of the more
  confusing portions of Caravel and it is hopefully much more intuitive for users
  now. Also added an option to force the publishing of all pages including hidden
* RSS tools:
    - easier channel selection in poster and viewer
    - now uses magpie .7.1.1 for parsing, which supports atom feeds
    - added author display option
    - preview before posting
* Modified the toolbar dropdowns a bit on the Folderviewer so that it
  defaults to page 2 if "Edit folder" is pressed, and goes to page 4
  if "Edit files" is pressed

Bugs fixed: (IDs of bugs recorded on the sourceforge tracker are noted)
        - URL with wrong case for snapshotted pages --> 404
        - Logging in as a different user without logging out does not
            change the effective user
1196226    - Links on a timed out page point to logged in pages
1202159    - Save and Edit doesn't keep changed file name
1194960    - Edit link pop-up doesnt bring up correct info from past edit
1160243    - RSS Viewer: external links don't work right
1160242    - RSS Viewer: Table view doesn't expand to the column width
1160237    - RSS Viewer: Caching isn't working properly
        - Funny characters in RSS channel name caused breakage
        - RSS viewer configuration didn't work in popup window
        - Fixed a couple problems with creating mailman lists
            (this still isn't really supported though)
        - Fixed a bug with the Folderviewer where dropdown lists did not
          work right for dynamic block links

Caravel v2.2

To upgrade to v 2.2, you must run the Changescript AFTER you update all of
the source code.  Your folder viewers will not work after the source code
update until you run the 'Convert the old FolderViewer settings to the new
settings.' option in Changescript.  Don't worry though, it won't take long
to update and the pages with folder viewer blocks won't throw errors while
they are broken.

To enable the Rescue mode you must update your conf/caravel_apache.conf file,
which has server specific data (if you have a previous install).  If you are
updating from cvs you should be able to do a 'cvs upd' to merge the change,
but if you are updating from a tarball you'll want to either use the new
file, following the instructions about what to change at the top of the

You will also need to add a value for T_SYSADMIN_EMAIL in Site Settings,
this will be where error reports from our new error page are sent.

You may notice we have removed the need for PHP xslt support and therefore
Sablotron is gone!  We have added the need for Curl, jpeg and png libraries
in order to achieve full full functionality of the E-Commerce and Folder
Viewer apps.

    E-Commerce tools!
        Now you can easily set up a fully featured and automated online
         store to sell your wares!
        Uses the Curl libraries and can be set up in minutes!
    Extremely Improved Folder Viewer!
        Including many new display possibilities like 'image gallery'
        Your old folder viewers can be easily converted
    Rescue Mode
        Allows fixing pages that don't work properly through the web gui!
        To use just tack on /.cWrescue to any Caravel URL
    Much Improved Error Page/management
    HTML Area Linking Tool
        Allows you to link to files and pages
    URLinclude Application
    Improved interface for changing applications
    Java Uploader Application
    Public Uploader Application
    An included plugin to force a footer include

FIXED BUGS in 2.2:
    Logged out pages have 'id=siteID' in the URL
    Initial install still reeks of Mennonite.net
    Min Height still doesn't work in Firefox
    Javascript page refresh breaks on certain cases
    Copying sites breaks when copying accounts
    global template edited from non-host site breaks everything
    File Already Exists pop-up coming up when try to resave file
    copying sites with site admin outputs debugging info
    Edit folder viewer only opens one file each time opened
    Folder/Edit File at Friendship Mennonite Church not working
    Show button in Folder Viewer displays error message
    Navigator CBs throwing getContent() errors
    deleting a page with open files does not unlink those files!
    Font Color window opens behind browser window.
    caravel links on custom sites are broken
    File Manager - name conflict causes apology page
    Skip button doesn't really skip...
    customizer not applying template inheritance properly
    Setting pages to use the default style in Customizer broken
    Note explaining that some features are for only super users
    You do not have sufficient privileges to access the uploader
    Insert image options still not working completely
    Page/block alteration does not alter privileges
    Photos not displaying in IE, but display in Firefox
    Window remains open when inserting image
    When using linking tool, image disappears
    Table displaying erratically in various browsers
    Contact Info App: Save and Close doesn't save
    Error message appears when I try to select a calendar
    File overwritten w/o permission when saving with same name
    $this->params["colwidth"] returns wrong width
    "select an existing file" throws "Invalid DN syntax" error
    toolbars make HTMLArea too wide in some cases
    move page from or to third+ level is broken
    some folder viewers break with random or custom sort order
    htmlarea adds closing tag in mozilla
    AddressBookImport uses ldapadd still
    Rollover on content blocks adds a border even in edit mode
    logging out on a non-public page gives the apology page
    Move page code not changing mennoStatus from library

Caravel v2.1

IMPORTANT!  Before upgrading to 2.1.0, you must run the changescript.  After
updating the schema and restarting OpenLdap, (as superuser) add the feature
called "Changescript for 2.0" to a page somewhere.  Then check the box next
to the last item called something like "add cvInclude rules to public
groups" and finally hit execute.  You should see some debugging code.  Only
after this has completed should you update the code.

Caravel v2.0

* allow you to adjust the colsize in EmailFeedback
* Security Administration
* , allows you to include various vars, like siteid and
    sitedn, userid, in your text

Caravel v1.1

* Site.php
  - If it can't find a stylesheet, we default to
    mnTSS=Default,mnOD=Styles,mnOD=Caravel Public Folders,.... rather than
    throwing an error. (peterjh)
* Site Admin
  - CopySite performs a search and replace of orgdn on all the files in the
    documents tree. (peterjh)
  - "x" bug fix for long name removed; now if longname and shortname are the
    same we simply don't store a shortname. (peterjh)
* File Manager
  - Rename directories now works/links correctly if a directory is "opened"
  - Fix javascript warning in IE (davidig)
* Email Feedback
  - Added textbox size option (davidig)
* "Copy From" option added.  When creating a new page you may choose a
    "Template" page. (davidig)
* Drag n Drop UI (davidig)
  - Ability to drag blocks
  - Ability to drag columns
  - Hide Footer/Hide Header options now buttons.
  - Re-arranged "Section Pulldown Menu"
  - Blocks now tell you the name of App or Filename/Foldername.
  - Folder/File icons.
  - New "Edit Folder" menu on a block.  Allows you to edit the folder opener
    settings OR upload directly into a folder OR edit a new file into the folder OR edit the
    currently displayed file.
  - Minor UI improvements.
  - Column toolbars have unique colors to distinguish them
* Widget (davidig, velinkk)
  - aqua_button
  - tabs
  - aqua_tabs
  - form_look
  - drop_shadow
  - error_message
  - load_png
  - format_text
  - loading
  - FormWidget: form target attribute, buttonField(), pageList()
  - GenericWidget: removed basicForm()
* Popup.php uses FormWidget rather tthan basicForm() (davidig)
* oFile
  - oFile::create now accepts either an uplaoded file's tmp_name or the
    contents.  No need for the programmer to distinguish mimetype at this
    poiint. (peterjh)
* mnLDAP
  - recursive copy problem in mnLDAP (davidig)
* Widget (seanmk)
  - added 3rd (boolean) parameter to error_message to display a login
    dialogue in the error message
Caravel v1.0.4.1

* Site Settings
  - Made things more descriptive
  - Fixed a couple bugs in the installation w/r/t the admin user
* FileManager/Site Admin
  - Allow the creation of an org underneath an org (committed to M2)
  - addOrgs.php script added making massive imports as easy as 1,2,3,
  where 1,2,3 is the creation of a comma-deliminated file and the running
  of this script on it.
  - copySite:: added a function to check for duplicate values in the "o"
* Misc. Template
  - Allow the sysadmin to define what options appear on the gear (utils) pulldown in conf/
  - Re-arranged T_SECURE_SERVER code; for T_TOPLEVEL_HACK we use /.cWadmin/
  so that we no longer need a secure.x.org; however, for non-T_TOPLEVEL_HACK
  it is still a wise idea to have a secure.x.org so you don't need to buy
  a certificate for each domain.  .cWadmin is added beneath .cWeb in the
  Apache config.  Also rearranged T_TOPLEVEL_HACK code.
  - MINOR: Fixed a bug in linkToSelf() that forgot a slash
  - MINOR: Fixed a problem with setWidth not showing the right column width
  - Widget-based error messages
  - MINOR: Moving a library page under a library works now.
  - CVINCLUDE cannot be anything other than caravelCustomDirectory or a
    remote url if we are not superuser.  Added T_PERMS to Template.php.
  - Fixed docuemnt; made Web portion 3 parts.
* Accounts
  - MINOR: If you come in via a different ORG, adduser added users to that org!
* HTMLAREA bugfix? (David?) innerHTML
* HitCount
  - allow it to display only on the backend (committed to M2)

Caravel v1.0.4

* New Rapid Uploader
  - UI Changes
  - Save / Save As / Delete
  - Overwrite Feature
* Uploader
  - Overwrite Feature
* Navigator CBA
* Simple Hit Counter CBA
* Accounts Manager
  - Various bugfixes (allow dash in username)
* Site Settings
  - Disable Javascript now customizable
  - Various bugfixes (colorpicker popup, uploader close)
* Page Info
  - Various bugfixes (displays the proper page / context problem)
* Misc.
  - Added Cancel to all popups
* Customizer
  - Various Bugfixes (create style broken)
  - Making Copy New -> Save As 
  - Adding Save
  - Allowing Global / Organizational Global Stylesheets to show up in the pulldowns
  - Changing names from Section -> Page
* Block Customizer
  - Display date/author/etc. as a header
* Calendar
  - Various bugfixes (bad path)
* Editor
  - CVINCLUDE -- ability to include external web pages
  - MAJOR (requires the running of tools/convertXml.php) - Converted
    to new XML format (XML_HTMLSax)
* Subscription
  - Cleaned up (optimized) subscription code considerably
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